• Simone Tieber

Second week on the job

I am making progress on the main house, top floor. All old straw-mud walls have been removed and now revealing major structural problems. I was hoping to keep the ceiling above the future bathroom, but the floor was worm eaten and would have given out under the future sleeploft in the attic. Same with the flooring on the second floor. I need to exchange almost all major beams. And that will be expansive.

My goal of moving into the main part of the house by August can still be met, provided there are no more structural problems.

I met the window builder today and we agreed on four windows for the living room. All handmade from locally sourced wood. We talked about the golden rule, the craft of the trade and how old houses breath. I feel like I am in good hands with him. An artist. Windows are the eyes of the house after all....The windows will be done by August. Anything hand crafted takes time, no overnight deliveries here....

Keeping an eye on the winter and the wood supply, Finn helped me to stack the old, aged wood into the barn and make room under the roof of the chicken coop, for the young wood, that I cut last weekend. Apple, plum, cherry and hazel. Apple tree wood has an even higher burn value than oak and a pleasant smell. It will be great for cooking and baking. Since it is so dense, I am keeping also pine and other faster burning woods handy to ignite the stoves.

No news on finding grazing land for the goats, but I ran into the ranger/game keeper (Förster) today and put out the word. He knows all the locals and there might be land at the old fortress....

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