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Art Therapie and Psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker)

Simone Heimstädt is a Clinical Art Therapist as well as a Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy. She is taking an holistic approach to her praxies. 

Holistic psychology views individuals as more than just the sum of their parts. It focuses on how different aspects of an individual work together. This approach in psychology examines behavioral, social, emotional, environmental, physical, and psychological factors when evaluating and treating individuals (Ventegodt et al., 2007).

For this reason, self-reflection and awareness are foundational components of holistic psychology. With deepened awareness, clients find connections between emotions, thoughts, physical experiences, spiritual beliefs, and how they work together in daily life. Holism in psychology is complex, and the challenge is often creating interventions that address the scope of an entire client (Ventegodt et al., 2007).


According to the American Art Therapy Association, artistic expression may decrease anxiety, feelings of anger and depression. This creative process can also enhance cognitive abilities, foster greater self-awareness and help students regulate their emotions.

Clients who have experienced emotional trauma, physical violence, domestic abuse, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues can benefit from expressing themselves creatively.

People do not need to have artistic ability or special talent to participate in art therapy, and people of all ages including children, teens and adults can benefit from it. 

In creating art, people are able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings. Clients are encouraged to create art that expresses their inner world more than making something that is an expression of the outer world.

Please contact me for more information.


Psychotherapy / Individual:

50 minutes €65

Psychotherapy  children and youth/individual:

50 minutes €45


Preliminary consultation 30 minutes €25




All courses in German or English. Only affordable privately. Billing via health insurance is only possible if additional insurance for alternative practitioners is included.


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