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Working with clay is relaxing, opens the mind and lets your creative senses free. We help you along the way to discover the beautiful technics to make hand build ceramics. 

Pottery Courses

We are offering pottery courses for adults and kids. 15€ for two hours (minimum 4 people in group) 7€ under 6 years, plus 4€/kg material incl. firing the ceramic and glazing (2 burns at1050 Degrees) Please make an appointment.


Firing Services

We are offering the kiln rental at 56€, The kiln is a Pyrotec 85l oven. We do not take any responsibility for broken ceramics. All pottery has to be air dried for 2 weeks. If, because of foreign substances in the clay, it comes to damage of the heating coils, the customer is responsible for the repairs. 


Birthday Parties / Events

You can book your next birthday party with us. Come with a group of friends and potter or be otherwise creative. You can bring your own food and drinks, or talk to us about catering. 

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